wedding prep
wedding prep


We know that sometimes it's the little candid moments that tell your story the best! You will have a complete collection of images to choose from including images that are timeless with minimal posing and candid raw moments that highlight your unique personalities and relationship!

We want to know all of the little things about your relationship that make it special. Where did you meet? What do you LOVE about each other? During our consultation we will ask a variety of questions and you will have the opportunity to tell us about your vision of how you see your wedding being captured. Do you like photojournalistic photography? Do you like traditional? Do you like trendy? Or a combination of all of the above?! We will show you a variety of techniques and styles and let you tell us which ones match your expectations of the kind of images you want on your wedding day.

We capture the fine details of your wedding. After all, you did spend all of the time and effort on the details right?! We will make sure you have artistic and beautiful images of the cake, decorations, guests, flowers, reception hall, church, and the list goes on and on.




We set up a plan for locations you want to go to for pictures after the ceremony and before the reception. Do you like nature and fields and water, or urban and distressed?

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